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painting laminate cabinets

Apr 16, 2019 - Explore Ellen Anderson's board "Painting laminate kitchen cabinets" on Pinterest. Replacing your cabinets is the most expensive option—cabinetry constitutes nearly three-quarters of the price of a new kitchen. Opt instead for a roller, sprayer, or a paint pad for a streak-free finish. By Manasa Reddigari and Bob Vila. Due to the powerful fumes released from the primer and paint (and your close proximity to them when painting laminate cabinets), increase ventilation in the room and keep out children and pets. If the old paint rubs off on the rag then it’s latex or water based. Short of committing to a more costly replacement of outdated kitchen storage, repainting laminate cabinets is an affordable way to turn the eyesore into eye-catching, modern cabinetry. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. Peeling and Painting Laminate Kitchen Cabinets. Your email address will not be published. Easy DIYs, Furniture Flips, Home Decor Tips, Chalk Paint and Chalk Painted furniture Projects, Milk Paint and Milk Painted Furniture Projects. Painting your laminate cabinets on the other hand can be inexpensive and provide a quick fix. how to know if the previous paint is oil based or water based and how to choose the right paint. As the price of custom cabinetry has increased, the use of laminates has increased as well. You need to prepare the surface properly before refacing laminate cabinets and applying primer to make sure that the new paint sticks to the laminate cabinets… Do’s and Don’t for painting laminate surfaces, Next determine what type of paint you are going to use. paint our laminate cabinets in our old house. Peeling or buckling will not be fixed by painting! If you are going to apply water based paint over oil based paint or vise versa then you need to apply a, Apply 1-2 coats of primer if needed and let it fully dry, Apply 1-2 coats of your paint of choice and let it fully dry, Apply a good top coat (I’m a believer in a. These cabinets look fantastic.That is what my apartment kitchen looked like with these type of cabinets. Painting laminate cabinets is not that hard – I think it makes many people nervous because if you’re painting kitchen cabinets, it’s a big job on an expensive item. I thought maybe I could shed some light on this subject. Just make sure that the paint that you are applying over the previous paint is compatible. The cabinet should be made of medium density fiberboard (MDF), not particleboard. Painting laminate cabinets can be an effective way to update the look of your home without the cost of replacing the cabinets. Lastly, pull on a pair of chemical-resistant work gloves before you go off to paint the town—or perhaps in this case, your cabinets—red! Painting laminate requires that a few things are done correctly or you will run into problems with paint chipping, peeling and generally not adhering to the surface. As discussed, a laminate surface is smooth and presents a challenge in getting paint products to stick and provide a lasting result that can stand the test of time. A lot of people spray their cabinets, but I find brushing and rolling to be just as effective. I detailed a post a while ago on how to know if the previous paint is oil based or water based and how to choose the right paint. Your upper body will thank you.) I love simple DIY's, budget friendly home projects, refinishing furniture and scoring vintage finds, all on a budget of course! Do not use lacquer-based primers, as they can impede how ADVANCE adheres to the surface of the cabinets. First, you’ll need to make sure your laminate is in good condition. Manasa Reddigari, Bob Vila, 14 Instant Fixes for a Total Pantry Makeover, 10 Clever DIY Ways to Store Kitchen Spices, 7 Countertop Materials You Can Actually Afford. I also recommend the Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer. Paint in hand, you’re almost ready to get to work. Choose a high-quality paint. People are often apprehensive about painting kitchen cabinets, period. (For better coverage of a large surface area, consider upgrading to a motorized orbital sander. Well, I’m happy to say that they turned out amazingly well. Using a high quality, self leveling, durable paint like the Advance line that is intended for painting cabinets makes all the difference in the final result of painted kitchen cabinets. A little pricey too, but worth it. Painted cabinets are no different. It works so much better than any of the other wood fillers. If you select a paint that can be applied directly over laminate (view example on Amazon), you can skip the primer—just know that this qualification may limit your color choice. After sanding and wiping everything with a tack cloth, I spray primed the cabinet parts with my favorite Kilz Primer . Painting kitchen cabinets can be tiring and you can easily hire a pro to do the job. The first step is to clean your cabinets. Get free, no-commitment estimates from pro painters near you. Painting Your Laminate Cabinets. This was another question from a reader that said they couldn’t find a lot of straight forward information. And the clean up is easier! See more on my disclosure page. I patched some of the uneven surface with my favorite filler Wunderfil . See more ideas about home remodeling, kitchen remodel, laminate cabinets. To get the best results, follow the steps I’ve listed below: Step 1: Prepare Surfaces. This was another question from a reader that said they couldn’t find a lot of straight forward information. But my philosophy with DIY is always that if I screw something up, I can probably fix it. Remove knobs, pulls, and other visible cabinet hardware before painting laminate cabinets for smooth paint application without obstructions. Painting over Formica can be difficult as it is but if the laminate is cracked, warped, or peeling then this is just going to make it that much more difficult for the paint to adhere to the cabinets. good top coat for a high traffic surface). Before painting, you’ll want to clean your cabinets thoroughly. I don't have a handyman in my back pocket or mad craftsman skills, I'm just a girl with a desire to create. But while you may be well-versed in painting most any old wood furnishings, from side tables to pantry doors, laminate is another beast altogether. If the laminate you’re painting is really shiny, give it … I’ve had a lot of successes, but I’ve also had a lot of fails and I’ve shared all about it so you won’t make the same mistakes I did! After you’re done, take a break: the primer must dry at least 24 hours before moving on to Step 5. As such, you have to prepare the surfaces before painting by cleaning them with a solvent to remove dirt and grease, sanding them to help paint adhesion and cleaning them again to remove the sanding dust. Ensure that the laminate is in good condition by repairing minor laminate damage or re-facing cabinets before applying paint. Absolutely make sure you remove the cabinet hardware! Prime your cabinets for painting We’re using Dulux Renovator Range Plastic and Laminate Primer – it comes in a tin. Well folks I’m at it again; another painting laminate cabinet post. If it doesn’t wipe off then it’s oil based. Then, rinse with fresh water and dry the cabinets completely. But when it’s something other than wood, they’re extra apprehensive as they’re unsure of how the paint will look over a different material. It may be tempting to eyeball your cabinets and decide that any dirt is minimal enough to conceal with a paint job, but your dirty secret will get out when the color fails to adhere well to the laminate. We are also in the middle of updating our kitchen and our removing the laminate from our cabinets and making them shaker style. Anyway, painting our ugly laminate cabinets seemed like the best place to start. Before we dive into how to paint anything, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what the surface is made of that you’re painting. MDF forms a solid core underneath the laminate, and it's a better substrate for painting than particleboard, which is a loose conglomeration of wood chips that are likely to separate and crumble when you pull off the laminate. There are angled paintbrushes available in the market, which will help you to do so. Kitchen cabinets are subjected to oils and greases from cooking, which need to be cleaned off before painting. With a minimal financial investment, a little time and some elbow grease, your kitchen can have a richer, more customized look. As explained above and in my tutorial on painting a bathroom vanity, the paint we used for painting our laminate kitchen cabinets was the Benjamin Moore Advance line. Please refer to my other articles about the general process of painting cabinets. This does not affect the price you pay. This time I’m sharing all the details on how to REPAINT laminate cabinets. Simply follow these steps and you’ll have cabinets that look completely new in no time. Step 1 - Clean the Cabinets. Choosing products that are suited for painting laminate cabinets is a critical step in getting a good result. This post is about painting, or repainting laminate so I want to make it clear that laminate is a printed surface that’s made of plastic. Also, it’s probably a good idea to check out my list of Do’s and Don’t for painting laminate surfaces. Painting laminate cabinets, changing out the doors, and entirely replacing the cabinets are all possibilities. Hope to see you next week. That being said, since we are discussing how to repaint laminate it’s going to be just as important to know what type of paint is on the surface. Special cabinet paints are available that provide a smooth finish, but any high-quality paint should work. As always though, the true test is seeing how the finish holds up over time. Thoroughly scuff the surfaces of the cabinet with 120-grit sandpaper—enough to get a dusting, but not so much that you tear through the paper-thin laminate surface—and clean up any dusty remains with a handheld vacuum and a damp cloth. Pour a bit of acetone (nail polish remover) on a rag and wipe the surface with it. ... Wood, wood-laminate, and metal cabinets usually can be repainted without difficulty. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a712c448240bf1f199bf8bf0847d27b5" );document.getElementById("e5a57aca47").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi there, I'm Lindsey and I'm so glad you're here. These popular paint tools tend to leave an unsightly trail of brush strokes in their wake. 4. I only needed one coat. Wood cabinets are ideal for painting, but any surface that can be scuffed with sandpaper can be painted. Then clean your cabinets really well. You agree that may process your data in the manner described by our Privacy Policy. It glided on evenly and covered flawlessly. This disclosure statement refers to the rest of the Amazon links in this post. If you spot some bubbles in the coat, that means it is not adhering well; consult a paint dealer at your hardware store to pinpoint a more suitable paint for the job. You have to use an angled paintbrush to paint on these areas. Laminate cabinets have smooth surfaces to which paint may not bond well. Is painting laminate kitchen cabinets really a good idea? This time I’m sharing all the details on how to REPAINT laminate cabinets. Before you start painting laminate cabinets, gently wipe away settled-on grime and grease using trisodium phosphate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I’ve received a lot of questions over the past few months about how my painted laminate kitchen cabinets have held up. Apply your paint to a small, inconspicuous area of the cabinet (like the back of one you hardly ever open), let it cure, then inspect the bonding. If you opt for a primer, choose a bonding primer tenacious enough to stick to laminate (view example on Amazon), and then top it with an oil- or latex-based paint after the primer has cured. These tips from Cathy at The Grit & Polish about Painting Cabinets by Hand will also help you along the way! Add one entire tube of the Laminate Primer (which comes with it, in the blue lid), and gave it a good stir for around two minutes. As long as you’ve prepared the surface correctly (cleaned, sanded and primed (if needed), any good quality paint should work as long as it is compatible with the previous primer or paint. If you’ve read this far then you’re probably ready to get started repainting your kitchen cabinets. There are lots of paints on the market that are designed to work with laminate surfaces. Painting laminate cabinets offers an inexpensive way to update the appearance of your kitchen in a short amount of time. For DIY painting laminate kitchen cabinets, there are some complicated areas where it’s hard to reach with a roller or a general paintbrush. Disclosure; this post contains affiliate links. Our cabinets have been painted for over 7 months now and I’m happy … Not nearly as porous as its wooden lookalike, this type of surface requires unique preparation, paint, and paint application. Especially in the kitchen, cabinets … Prime them for perfect color with these tips for surface prep, paint selection, and application. Painting laminate cabinets can be a cinch! Copyright © 2021 Acton Media Inc. All rights reserved. If you need more help I’ve got a handful of other posts on how to paint laminate surfaces. Disclosure: participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. You can do a simple test to decipher if it’s oil or water based. You can see where I used a cabinet paint from Ace Hardware to paint our laminate cabinets in our old house. See more ideas about laminate kitchen cabinets, painting laminate kitchen cabinets, laminate kitchen. Laminate doesn’t play well with all primers and paints, only those specially formulated to adhere to its picky surface. I decided that this post is long overdue being that it’s been well over a year since my first ‘painting laminate cabinets with no prep work has been published. The best primer for laminate kitchen cabinets. I also used General Finishes milk paint to paint our laminate kitchen cabinet island. How to Paint Laminate Cabinets without Sanding. They are affordable and a good investment but create challenges when it comes time to change the color if you want new decor. If you’re painting laminate cabinets, our Fresh Start ® High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (046) is the choice of professionals. Then, apply a coat of an acrylic latex paint with a brush or roller using short, even strokes. To paint laminate furniture, start by sanding down the surface using 120-grit sandpaper so that the paint will stick better. Cabinet Coat is designed to adhere to plastic, metal, and urethane surfaces without a primer, but laminate and melamine surfaces should be sanded before painting. To clean them, use warm soapy water only, avoiding any harsh chemicals that may react with the paint. I wish I had more of a straightforward answer but there isn’t a right or wrong way to repaint laminate cabinets. Next, apply an oil-based primer with a brush or roller and wait 4 hours for it to dry. If you do it properly it has the potential to last for many years. Once this is done, pour … Your choice depends on how much you want to spend. I thought maybe I could shed some light on this subject. Since oil and water don’t mix, figuring out WHAT TYPE of paint is on the surface is a must. As mentioned above, planting your laminate cabinets is easy to do! But if you're up for the challenge and want to save money, do it yourself. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. If you’re painting your laminate cabinets all one light color, definitely go with the Proclassic. Many people think laminate is a difficult surface to paint, and while this is true, it’s still possible. The laminate must be in good condition for best results. One of the biggest challenges of painting laminate is that its smooth plastic surface doesn't bond well with paint. Follow these best practices to reinvigorate your laminate cabinetry with a fresh face that lasts! I already had my can of Annie Sloan chalk paint left over from a previous project, so I was one quick Home Depot trip away from kicking things off. Repurpose and Upcycle is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As part of our kitchen cabinet painting series, we wanted to make sure we included a tutorial on how to paint melamine cabinets. Painting laminate cabinets is not as hard as you think. It's a process, but so worth it. But first, double-check that your stock is well suited for the job. If laminate is cracked, warped, or peeling, that damage can interfere with the bonding of paint to the cabinet. To create a strong bond between the paint and your cabinet, you’ll need to roughen up the slick laminate with the help of a gritty companion: sandpaper. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. Laminate cabinets require a special bonding primer. … I also suggest picking up a cabinet and resting it against your leg – then using your roller to get all the sides. You can mask metal on the hinges with painter’s tape and paint the doors in place, or, if the hinges are visible and removable, take the doors down from the cabinets and paint them separately on a work bench or sawhorse. Mar 23, 2017 - Explore Heather Ford's board "paint laminate cabinets" on Pinterest. Painting Laminate Cabinets. Once it’s dry, gently sand the surface with a 220-grit sandpaper. If  your first-choice paint applicator for the traditionally flat surface of laminate cabinets is a brush, take a moment to reconsider. This is important to know because if your laminate cabinets have been previously painted with an oil based paint, you’ll need to apply a bonding primer first before you apply a water based paint (same goes for water based paint to oil based paint too). Testing its bonding capabilities before diving into an entire paint job could save you from a case of peeling paint down the road—and the need to redo hours of work. Well folks I’m at it again; another painting laminate cabinet post. …

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