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simpsons time travel episode

Of course, that was 18 years and plenty of new contenders ago, and while the Simpsons’ Florida adventure hasn’t become any more linear—it stumbles drunkenly from Homer seeking a cure for insomnia-fueled insanity, to his becoming the “King Of Spring Break,” to the whole family living as fugitive hillbillies after accidentally murdering the state’s reptile mascot—there’s at least some classic John Swartzwelder absurdism buried beneath the gimmicky Kid Rock cameos. A fun reminder of how different the show use to be, while also a precursor of time travel episodes to come. The episode never aired in Japan, thanks in part to the scene in which Homer throws the emperor, Akihito, into a pile of unwashed sumo thongs. Although Yeardley Smith does admirable work in calling out the names of cheeses, Bob is actually in the driver’s seat throughout. “That’s not a knife,” “Bart Vs. Australia” says … 9/11, the terrorist attack of 2001. Naturally, Homer blows it, and neither he nor the viewers see anything else of India besides that scene. Travel episodes Episodes of the show in which either at least one member of the family travels to another country or the focus on the episode is on a trip to a different city. These are only two out of the many things that The Simpsons have accurately predicted over the years with alarming accuracy, which is now leading to claims of time travel amongst the writers of the massively popular cartoon. [Sean O’Neal], It would be 11 seasons before The Simpsons lampooned its own home turf, a company town with so little interest in its own history that Mel Gibson has been entrusted with a remake of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, and a tour-bus guide gets Marge worked up about the Brown Derby restaurant—then points out a vacant lot. Proof ‘The Simpsons’ Writers May Be Time Travelers. The kicker is that the 9 was right next to the towers. In season 11, "The Simpsons" predicted a Donald Trump presidency in the 2000 episode "Bart to the Future." There are some solid digs at oppressive regimes, including a plaque in Tiananmen Square that claims “nothing happened” there in 1989. David Mirkin attempted to put "as much blood and guts" into the episode as he could. Ever. Directed by Susie Dietter. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Iiiiit happened. (“You gotta cover the mascot. Construction on the building started in 2009, 14 years later. A few years ago, a 69-year old artist bought some Simpsons watercolor paintings at a Seattle-area thrift store and thinks they were made by Matt Groening when he was a student at the Evergreen State College, more than a decade before the Simpsons shorts began airing on The Tracey Ullman Show. Homer also deteriorated back into the form of his original self, when he did this. The whole family would see the sights in France in later seasons, but in this episode—credited to the Murderers’ Row of George Meyer, Sam Simon, John Swartzwelder, and Jon Vitti—traps Bart in slave-like conditions at a shady winery run by a couple of small-time crooks. Not in Las Vegas!” and “Las Vegas doesn’t care for out-of-towners”—the most inspired bit pays homage to Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. These are only two out of the many things that The Simpsons have accurately predicted over the years with alarming accuracy, which is now leading to claims of time travel amongst the writers of the massively … (And is never mentioned again.) A possible future Trump presidency, said the episode's writer Dan Greaney, "just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. [Kyle Ryan], Sometimes, a destination imprints itself on the characters of The Simpsons, rather than the other way around. © Watchr Media • All rights reserved, Proof The Simpsons Writers May Be Time Travelers, The Simpsons Will Finally Reveal Comic Book Guy's Origin Story, Disney+ Sets Up Simpsons Forever Themed Collections, Treehouse of Horror Streaming Now for Halloween, Treehouse of Horror XXXI Sneak Peek Images Give The Simpsons a Pixar Makeover, The Simpsons Season 31 Starts Streaming on Disney+, The Simpsons Introduces the New Voice of Carl Carlson, Ice-T Reflects on Going from Robbing Banks to Playing a Cop on SVU, Saved by the Bell Reboot Renewed for Season 2 at Peacock, Savannah Welch Is Barbara Gordon in Titans Season 3. As it’s done with every other cornerstone of family sitcoms, The Simpsons has taken the vacation episode to new heights (and lows). A side-by-side image of the episode and real life of Trump waving his hand while going down an escalator sparked the interest of social media. Nineteen years ago, they predicted that Disney would buy out Fox . [Kyle Ryan], Unfortunately blemished by some now-uncomfortable World Trade Center gags, season-nine opener “The City Of New York Vs. Homer Simpson” has since seen time somewhat heal those wounds (and return it to syndication), allowing it to stand as the show’s trash-strewn valentine to Manhattan. Simpson, shush: Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense!” In failing to restore U.S.-Australian relations (to the chagrin of a slimy diplomat played by Phil Hartman), “Bart Vs. Australia” tweaked “ugly American” conventions and permanently established the show’s foreign policy. Disillusioned, she pens a savagely cynical new essay, “Cesspool On The Potomac,” which fails to win the contest but quickly spreads through D.C. and costs the dirty congressman his job. More than ten years later, a three-eyed fish was discovered in a reservoir in Argentina. [Sean O’Neal], “That’s not a knife,” “Bart Vs. Australia” says to every other Simpsons journey beyond the Springfield city limits. Loaded with gags and quotable dialogue—“I’m acting the way America acts best: unilaterally!”—the episode also boasts an impressive array of guests, including Ian McKellen, J.K. Rowling, and Tony Blair, the first (and only) sitting head of state to appear on the show. In August 2015, a video claiming that episodes of the Fox animated series The Simpsons had made some eerily accurate predictions about future events began circulating via social media. Taken at face value, the idealistic denouement feels out of place on The Simpsons, but considering legendary writer George Meyer penned the episode, it’s undoubtedly sarcastic. Although the episode has a bounty of Vegas zingers—“Someone dishonoring their marriage vows? Directed by Jim Reardon. Strangely enough, the reservoir itself was fed by water from a nuclear power plant. The mismatched pilgrims in this season-21 entry tour the requisite Jerusalem sights, rendered throughout with a beige sameness that doesn’t do the Jerusalem tourist board any favors. In its 29 seasons—and counting—the animated series has journeyed to France, Australia, China, Iceland, and the town of Bronson, where even the children are stone-cold badasses. Of course, since much of the plot sees Homer dragging the family on a “hate-cation” after the suspiciously Patriots-esque Boston football team cheats its way to a win over the hapless Springfield Atoms, there’s plenty of ammunition for the episode’s running attacks on that franchise’s, let’s call it “moral relativism” when it comes to winning. This episode sees the Simpsons travel to the new Itchy & Scratchy theme park for their summer trip. One minute-long stretch when the duo arrives in Vegas lands some funny sight gags (the sign for the Cirque Du Buffet at the Golddiggers Casino promises “Loosest craps in town!”), a random shot at Melissa Rivers, and some amusing Flanders overstimulation. It only takes a few days in the home of the Sundance Film Festival (“Where Parker Posey meets parka-ed posers”) for Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers to go from swag-grubbing novice producers to jaded industry types stonewalling Park City darling John C. Reilly. The Simpsons is an American animated comedy franchise whose eponymous family consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.The Simpsons were created by cartoonist Matt Groening for a series of animated shorts that debuted on The Tracey Ullman Show on Fox on April 19, 1987. But after making the necessary Hamlet reference, “Throw Grampa From The Dane” wanders into the all-too-familiar territory of Marge and Homer’s ever-tenuous marriage, as she briefly chooses to remain in Copenhagen. The family's job at Mr. Burns' country estate goes awry when Homer goes mad; Homer's attempt to repair a toaster results in inadvertent time travel; The school staff turn cannibalistic. Faulty Voter Machines. [Kyle Ryan], This classic season-three episode—one of the first to take the Simpsons out of Springfield—finds the family visiting the nation’s capital after Lisa ascends to the finals of a patriotic-essay contest. But what really makes this particular Simpsons destination episode work so well is its lovely metaphor of “the third ball,” calling as it does on the uniquely New England sport of candlepin bowling. That’s a no-brainer,” brays one Boston football barfly, voiced by Boston-based Bill Burr, one of many Massachusetts celebrities on hand for local color.) By the time the episode aired in 2005, The Simpsons had been on many other (and funnier) trips, but “Goo Goo Gai Pan” did carry on the tradition of being banned in the country that served as its setting. But the episode distinguishes itself thanks to some well-timed gags about toad-licking and Jebus-worshiping, plus its nicely developed subplot about Bart taking over as “the man of the house,” and there’s something admirably, knowingly lazy (as opposed to the indifferent laziness of later years) about just letting the episode fall apart as spectacularly as the natives’ Homer-ravaged civilization. [Erik Adams]. Detours. Hey, the episode wasn’t that bad: Sure, it portrayed all Brazilians as mustache-sporting, conga-dancing mishmashes of Latin American stereotypes, living in a dangerous, third-world slum crawling with rats and anacondas—but its Xuxa parody was pretty funny. Random takedown of Canadians’ inferior basketball skills, check. Writer Matt Marshall envisions Ireland (a.k.a. As ever in a travelogue episode, the family tours the local hot spots, although there’s a delicately clever care taken in the animation and jokes here that bumps the episode up a notch, as when Homer, attempting to make things up to the affectingly neglected Marge, takes her on a silly, speckled tour of Paris’ “pointillism district.” [Dennis Perkins], The show’s second trip to Brazil is a twofer on top of a twofer: It’s a “Homer gets a new job” episode as well as a “The Simpsons are going to…,” and the running-of-the-bulls setup in the couch gag means twice the international travel. Coincidence or time travel? Bart can be seen as a giant skateboarding and then there's the Butterfinger candy bar logo that many believe is from a time traveling Matt Groening.

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